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The world revolves toward the sun. Life and death share meanings, one nightmare flowing into the next. Light and darkness both have their demons, Heaven and Hell damned to oblivion. What could possibly go wrong?

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The Magnus Background Story has lost interest again. Damn it all... I gotta get it together here...

Anyways... What else can I write about this time around? Meh... Not much has been going on. Just the usual stuff, even though it's a new year. Work, WoW, eat, sleep, repeat. Damn, what a boring lifestyle...

Hmm... Well, just for fun I'm going to take one of Hania's songs, 'Inspiration', and put my own spin to it. The version that's up there right now, the one by XZenX, is a poor attempt at best. WoW and her song is a good mix, but the way that person did it... A shoddy attempt.

That'll be a decent undertaking, methinks. I'm not doing the video for any special reason; just something to keep the animation skills from dulling out.

Should be done before July or something. I usually take too much time planning stuff out before animating anything. Aw well... Let's see what I can come up with.

Until next time, I'm basically lost in insanity. Later! ^_^

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