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The Magnus Background Story has lost interest again. Damn it all... I gotta get it together here...

Anyways... What else can I write about this time around? Meh... Not much has been going on. Just the usual stuff, even though it's a new year. Work, WoW, eat, sleep, repeat. Damn, what a boring lifestyle...

Hmm... Well, just for fun I'm going to take one of Hania's songs, 'Inspiration', and put my own spin to it. The version that's up there right now, the one by XZenX, is a poor attempt at best. WoW and her song is a good mix, but the way that person did it... A shoddy attempt.

That'll be a decent undertaking, methinks. I'm not doing the video for any special reason; just something to keep the animation skills from dulling out.

Should be done before July or something. I usually take too much time planning stuff out before animating anything. Aw well... Let's see what I can come up with.

Until next time, I'm basically lost in insanity. Later! ^_^

Cartoon Update

2007-08-29 05:55:26 by BMFMagnus

Sorry for the hiatus, but there's a reason to the madness.

I've been working on the Magnus Background Story animatic on-and-off for a while now. Since I'm better with words than pictures I'm planning the storyboard out with words describing everything and the rough draft as the base to jump from. It's taking its time, but with all the camera pans and views, the special effects and the characters I have planned out it'll all be worth it. I'll post it in the next few months so you can check it out before its done.

I'm working on the first six seconds of the animatic now... and boy did i hit a snag! I just realized I've never done true frame-by-frame before. I had always planned using this as my demo reel for this or the upcoming year, but... well, to say the least, this'll test my skills. hehe

Anyways, that's it on the cartoon front. Catch ya later.

Wow! Success!

2007-07-21 00:55:57 by BMFMagnus

Thanks again everyone to all that reviewed my Magnus BG Rough Draft! You got me motivated again! Words cannot describe what a gift that is! Thanks a bunch ever'body!

Aw crap... Now I've done it...

2007-07-20 11:08:06 by BMFMagnus

I went and posted my Magnus BG Rough Draft without thinking... Well, that'll hit the fan sooner or later. Ah well... Maybe it'll do somewhat well. Hehe... Not keeping my hopes up. We'll see...

Loking forward to reading some really gnarly reviews though... but that's the NG fans for ya.

Wow... NG Updated. An a spot where I can rant?! OH YEAH!

2007-07-20 09:16:43 by BMFMagnus

So... There's a spot where I can post on my own personal page now... This I like, yes, but what to post about? Hmm... How about the general goings-on in my life so far and its relation to NG? Meh... Good enough for now.

I've dropped out of the NG scene for a LONG time now. Umm... My bad? Hehe. I've been working on my first co-authored book, Dorikame Saga: Birth of Change and I'm happy to announce that it's ready to be sent to a publisher! Yay! I just gotta get past the usual legal jargon (including sharing the profits with the 'other guy' that created the idea for the story in the first place) and the fancy pictures for the cover and inside the book. Then I'll be good to go! Until then it's just another Word file. Argh...

As for my involvement on Newgrounds... Well, it's been mostly 'ideas' for stuff and not enough 'drawing and animating' to be bluntly honest. Sure, I'd like to animate these cool ideas I have in my head (Ego City 2, World of Warcraft stuff, Dorikame Saga stuff, personal stuff) but since I've been promoted at my work.... Well, that and World of Warcraft kinda eat up the majority of the time for all that fun stuff. I need to draw more stuff... <begins contemplating another animation idea> Agh! Too many ideas! Make it stop! Mmm.... Liquor...

Anyways... That'll be enough random ranting for now. I'll try to keep in touch.

Ooh! Here we go! I can reply to questions people send me! That'd be fun! Here are just a few ideas for potential questions that might be in your head. Or not, I don't care. Obviously if you're still reading this you're somewhat interested. ....or bored outta your skull Hehe.

Q1: "But what's this I'm reading about Ego City 2?! Eugene Chu's making his 'Ego City 0' series though. WTF?"
A1: I've had the idea for a sequel for the series, but the last few times I've tried to reach the guy has gotten no reply. ........ <sigh> I want his support on this, considering I'd be using some of his characters and concepts in the series, but sometimes you just gotta go for it and let it sort itself out, y'know?

Q2: "You say you have 'ideas' for animations. Anything you can share? I want answers!"
A2: I've been wanting to make some cartoons for a while now, including but not limited to:
--A few 'Dorikame Saga' Music Videos. Got some tunes that can't be helped that lend themselves to it.
--My avatar, Magnus, and his introduction video. It's on the NG site, but it's just music and captions..... No picture. Damn, that still unnerves me to this day.
--Random special effects kinda stuff. I guess watching too much anime and playing D&D and Aberrant kinda rots the brain out, eh? hehe...
-- And some 'World of Warcraft' inspired stuff like:
------'gear and items evolving as he's traveling' kinda thing
------a Guild inspired animation. Nothing too big on details yet, just a concept.
------"Mohdnu's Trip Out" -- I already have it written down, but I lost the papers about it. Argh... From what I remember, Mohdnu, my Priest, gets stuck in the Eastern Plaguelands between the hillside and a giant mushroom. He rationalizes he'll have to eat his way out. Hilarity ensues as the tripping begins.

I'll keep you in the loop if any other ideas spring to mind.

Q3: "I want to get in touch with you about some of the cartoons you're making. Maybe I can give you an idea for something or critique your work?"
A3: That's definitely something I'm open to. If someone, ANYONE, wants to give a shout-out, just lemme know and we can figure something out.

Q4: [Inspired by a reply from one of my movies.] "Whoa!! Awesome movies! Only one problem... Your animation sucks! LOL OK, they're not that bad, but why the lousy animating style?"
A4: I'm mostly an 'ideas' man. Animation I can do, but the whole time-consumption thing kinda grates on my nerves.

That'll be it for now. I'm gonna post this before I lose it. Damn web tends to do that... Catch ya later! If you want to reach either drop me an e-mail, PM me on NG or, if you're that bold, mail or whisper me on WoW. Mohdnu, Level 70 Human Priest, Holy Spec, Durotan Server. Represent! [Yes, I have no life. Hehe.]

Wow... NG Updated.  An a spot where I can rant?!  OH YEAH!